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Mac Sales Soar – Thank Vista!

April 26, 2007

As Philip Elmer-Dewitt points out, Mac sales soared in Q1. This was mostly due to laptop sales. I’m part of this soaring, because I bought a MacBook recently. Why did I finally choose a Mac over Windows? One reason was that my kids use Macs at school. Another was that I don’t do Windows development anymore. The main reason, though, was that I took a look at Vista and decided it was too much trouble to go through the upgrade. Moreover, I couldn’t save money by buying a Windows laptop, because Vista’s requirements meant that I had to buy a higher-end laptop to run it. So, the Mac won out.


Tweet Vs. Blog

April 17, 2007

So, I am not the most prolific blogger anyway, but I have become even less likely to blog now that I have Twitter. Most of what I have to say is more suited to 140 characters than to a blog entry.

Twitter Addiction

April 8, 2007

So, I have been playing with Twitter the last couple of days, and I have become completely addicted. If you want to see how boring my life is, you can check it out here. As a more useful use of Twitter, I played around with the API, and you can now track the postings from ZDNet blogs on Twitter at

On The Web, You Can’t Escape Your Past

April 4, 2007

So, I was playing around with ZoomInfo, and I found a link to a profile of me that was put up when I worked for a cool Web 1.0 startup called Here’s the Profile in its entirety:

John “Puff Daddy” Potter happily works at as a Software Engineer. He often strides in well before dawn and goes right to work, then waits for hours until someone else makes the coffee.

A recent haircut has restored John’s boyish charm, which faded during his recent years at Community NewsDealers Inc., a division of The Boston Globe, where he worked as a Programmer / Analyst.

He is the co-author of this year’s groundbreaking book, HTML User’s Interactive Workbook, with Newmediary colleague Alayna Cohn. The book is skyrocketing up the Amazon charts … why not give it a nudge.

All time not spent in his cube is occupied with attempting to turn the mud patch around his house into a lawn.

And, here’s the ZoomInfo link.

Matt Mullenwegg Profile

March 27, 2007

The profile of Matt Mullenwegg for which I was interviewed is now available online. You can see it at either the Sydney Morning Herald or The Age (Brisbane). Dan Skeen, the author gives me a shout-out at his blog

First Softball Games of the Year

March 25, 2007

Kanchan on Deck

Kanchan on Deck

Mallika at Bat

Mallika at Bat

Kanchan at Bat

Kanchan at Bat

It was a beautiful day for the first games of the year.

Interview For Sydney Morning Herald

March 6, 2007

I was interviewed yesterday by a reporter from the Sydney Morning Herald for a profile of Matt Mullenwegg he is writing.. Don’t worry Matt, I said nice things only :). He also asked a few questions about our use of open-source, Google, and some other related topics. Now, I just have to wait to see how it comes out in print.


August 11, 2006

I attended WordCamp last weekend, and took a bunch of bad pictures with my cell phone. You can see them here.

Finally Surfacing

August 8, 2006

So, the last few months of my life have been consumed by a co-location center move at work. Now, that project is over, and it feels like coming up to the surface from a long dive underwater. Once again, I have my own life.

It was thirty years ago …

March 1, 2006

this month, that I first used a computer. It was in a school computer lab, and it was a DEC PDP-7. No video terminal, just endless streams of perforated paper. The language we learned was Basic, and when I look at my code, I sometimes get the feeling that I never really got past that. Anyway, if you had told me then,that I would still be working with computers, I never would have believed it.