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This blog is moving

November 19, 2007

If this blog looks empty, it’s because it’s been moved here.


Mac Sales Soar – Thank Vista!

April 26, 2007

As Philip Elmer-Dewitt points out, Mac sales soared in Q1. This was mostly due to laptop sales. I’m part of this soaring, because I bought a MacBook recently. Why did I finally choose a Mac over Windows? One reason was that my kids use Macs at school. Another was that I don’t do Windows development anymore. The main reason, though, was that I took a look at Vista and decided it was too much trouble to go through the upgrade. Moreover, I couldn’t save money by buying a Windows laptop, because Vista’s requirements meant that I had to buy a higher-end laptop to run it. So, the Mac won out.

R2D2 Mailbox Outside Caltrain Station in San Francisco

March 21, 2007

R2D2 Mailbox